Growing Empowered Children Through Education

Every child in the world has a right to basic, free, quality education.

Planting Pencils works towards that goal by supporting underfunded schools in low-income areas in the US and in underdeveloped countries where many children have no access or limited access to basic education.



Teach a man to fish And you feed him for a lifetime

Our founder and CEO, Ishaan Patel, first became inspired to research education around the world after his Aunt Hema Shah, shared her volunteer efforts in Jaipur India teaching english in a rudimentary school for impoverished children. The school lacked basic supplies, such as pencils, paper, notebooks and even books to read.

At his Aunt’s request, Ishaan and others collected donations of basic school supplies for the students.

When the supplies reached the children, they were overcome with joy and delight – grateful, for each pencil they received. This situation was repeated when later his Aunt volunteered in Costa Rica. Ishaan realized that school children around the world lack the essentials.

Ishaan spent the summer of 2015 at a leadership conference at Stanford University as well as a financial camp on Wall Street, through FICA (Future Investors Club of America).

These experiences taught him that just because he was still a young student he was not helpless and that he had the power to make a difference. It gave him the vision to realize the social and economic consequences of uneducating the youth of the world.

He further realized that it is our responsibility, as the privileged students of the world, to use our education and resources to help those in need of the basics.

Education Gives One Power

A well-known Chinese proverb states, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Planting Pencils understands that, as the proverb illustrates, education is a priceless commodity. That education gives one power – power to change his or her destiny, power to protect one’s family, power to enlighten, power to fight poverty and hunger, power to fight hatred and bigotry, and power to fight abuse


One pencil, one book, one child at a time

With this understanding, Planting Pencils is dedicating awareness and collecting support to improve the lack of eduction in parts of the world.

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