Ishaan Patel
Founder and CEO of Planting Pencils

As a compassionate person always dedicated to fighting for the underdog, when he witnessed the conditions that students endured in the impoverished schools where his Aunt volunteered as a teacher, Ishaan was motivated to take action.

So he founded Planting Pencils to bring attention to the issue and put mechanisms in place to address it.

Using the seed of education to grow empowered children around the world.


– Ishaan Patel

More about Ishaan

A 13 year old student himself in 8th grade at Kingswood Oxford School in West Hartford, CT, Ishaan:

  • Plays lacrosse, squash and golf
  • Loves music; he plays the drums as well as the piano
  • Enjoys travel and meeting new people

Education can break the cycle of poverty and hunger

Evidence shows that 12 percent of people (over 170 million people) could be lifted out of poverty if ALL students in poor countries had basic reading skills…

“The future belongs to all of us. If we work together, we can make it great!”
Ishaan Patel