Raising Awareness and Providing Support

The mission of Planting Pencils is to raise awareness that every child in the world has a right to basic, free, quality education and to give support to underfunded schools in low-income areas in the US and underdeveloped countries where many children have no access or limited access to basic education.
  • 57 Million Children

    According to the United Nations, in 2015 57 million children of primary school age between the ages of 6-11 are still out of school and therefore lack basic education

    Donate School Supplies
  • If All Could Read

    Evidence shows that 12 percent of people (over 170 million people) could be lifted out of poverty if ALL students in poor countries had basic reading skills

  • US Digital Divide

    Over 90% of students in low income areas in the US rely on school for internet access but 20 million students still do NOT have high speed internet in school

    Donate Used Computers

Planting Pencils Cycle

Breaking the Cycle

More than 700 million adults in the world are illiterate and do not have the skills or awareness to improve the living conditions for themselves or their family. If the cycle of illiteracy and lack of education continues the world will have an ever-growing number of illiterate uneducated people to support. We need to stop this cycle, a small donation to Planting Pencils is the best place to start.